Next meeting 11th August at Rose and Crown, Fletching 8.00pm-10.00pm

At the next meeting we’ll start with a selection from our ‘easy’ songbook to get us loosened up, and then the intention is to repeat the songs from the ‘intermediate’ songbook that we performed last time – plus a few new ones from there.

The ones we did last time were :-
Number 2  All my Lovin’
Number 3 Bad Moon Rising
Number 4  Bring me sunshine
Number 6 Country Roads
Number 8 Doo Wah Diddy Diddy
Number 13  I guess it doesn’t matter any more
Number 18  Sound of silence
Number 19  The Boxer
Number 20  Urban Spaceman

And this time we will add :-
Number  9   Dream Lover
Number 10  Eight Days a Week
Number 11  Every Day

We are now thinking in terms of assembling our next songbook, and we would like it to be a ‘co-operative’ affair i.e. we would like all our members to put forward a favourite song that they would like to include. It should be one that is well known to everyone, not too easy – but not too hard either! Most songs are available on the internet either from the Uke at the Duke songbooks on our own site, or from other ukulele groups’ songbooks on the internet, or from specialist song sites such as

So please have a think, and over the next week or two let us know your choice either by replying to this email address (preferably), or verbally at our meetings.
We really look forward to receiving your suggestions so that we can make it a truly inclusive members club.

In the meantime, happy strumming………