Next Meeting Monday 27th February at 8.00pm

Hello again Wupsters! For those who weren’t able to attend the last meeting on 19th February, we’re sorry you were unable to make it as we had a super attendance (I made it 41) and I feel a good time was had by all. In particular we were able to have a good crack at Elbow’s ‘One day like this’ which is a bit of a ‘project’ for us and by the end of our second try I think we were beginning to get the hang of it! There seemed to be a genuine buzz in the air at our progress.

We will be playing that song again at the next meeting, and as you will see from the playlist below you can click on the web address next to it if you would like to be reminded of how it sounds. On that subject you will see that amongst our ‘usual’ songs there are also two more web addresses next to two more songs that we intend to play -‘ Friday I’m in Love’ and ‘End of the Line’. We are doing this because these songs may not be familiar to everybody, and it really helps us if members can familiarise themselves a little with the tunes if they are able to prior to the meeting.

Finally, Phil has managed to have a word with the manager at The Bull to see if we could perhaps move from the rather ‘awkward’ area that we currently inhabit and’ try out’ having our meeting in the restaurant area to the left of the main bar as you enter. I’m happy to report that she has agreed to this to see how it works out from their point of view, so that’s where we will be located next time.

See you on the 27th!



5/6 Five Foot Two

5/1 Blowing in the wind

5/3 Diana

5/11 I only want to be with you

5/13 I’m into something good

5/14 Let it be

5/22 When I’m dead and gone

6/24 Things

6/7 Ginny Come Lately

6/6 Friday I’m in Love


6/15 One day like this

6/11 Islands in the stream

6/20 Singing in the rain

6/23 Then I kissed her

3/8 I’m a believer

3 /4 End of the line

3/17 Three Little Birds

3/14 Raindrops keep falling on my head

5/18 Rock around the clock.