Next meetings Mondays 7th and 21st March

Hi everybody, and thanks to those members who attended last night’s session at The Inn on the Green. It was a thoroughly enjoyable session and we packed in the maximum content we could in the time available. Thanks go to Graham for his instruction period, in which he attempted to introduce us to the calypso strum, and it will be interesting to see how many have managed to re-create his masterful technique at the next meeting!

As agreed last night we will be meeting on the above dates in March as our normal 4th Monday of the month falls on Easter Monday.  We still definitely need two Mondays in March to continue to brush up on our ‘Gig List’ !

For the record our current list (as chosen by the members) is appended below. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the next session, best wishes, Ron & Phil.


In WUPS! Song book order

Book 1

Bye Bye Love

King of the Road

Putting on the Style

Rockin’ All over the World

Save the last Dance for Me

Singing the Blues

Book 2

Bring me Sunshine

I Guess it Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Sound of Silence

Urban Spaceman

Book 3

Hi Ho Silver Lining

Leaning on a Lamp Post

Mr Tambourine Man

Teenager in Love

Will you Still love me Tomorrow

Book 4 (unpublished)

Cockney Melody

Streets of London

San Francisco Bay Blues