Songs for May 12th Meet

As you will have seen, we now have on this site all 11 songbooks belonging to Uke at the Duke in Shoreham, and they have kindly agreed to share them with us.

So, at the next meeting we will be playing some of the songs we have previously covered and some new ones which can be downloaded from the songbooks. We are still trying to keep things as simple as possible whilst we all get more confident and comfortable.

The running order will be :

From our own original songbook

King of the road
Putting in the style
Sloop John B
You are my sunshine
Da Do Ron Ron Ron
All my lovin’

From the ‘New’ songbooks on the site Volume / Page
Urban spaceman  V1 / P4
Then I Kissed her  V1 / P6
Doo Wha Diddy Diddy  V1 / P7
Is this the way to Amarillo  V1 / P9
Mellow Yellow  V1 / P17
Knock three times  V1 / P18
Rose Garden  V1 / P19
Brand new key  V1 / P20
Love me do  V1 / P22
Imagine  V1 / P26
Hello Mary Lou  V1 / P29
Let your love flow  V1 / P30