about us

We are a friendly group of like minded people who get together to strum our ukuleles, sing along to popular songs and generally have a fun time. At the time of our formation in April 2015 we are all inexperienced ukulele novices and our aim is simply that with each other's help and plenty of practice, we will develop into a happy band of strummers!

There is no formal instruction, most of that is done on a self­help basis at home from books and internet sites (of which there are plenty). It is very much a case of learn a few chords, come along and join in, and you'll get swept along by the ongoing music ­and play whatever chords you are able! So, beg, borrow or buy a uke and come along and have some fun. Absolutely no experience necessary (but if you are already a player that's o.k. too!), no charge, and you will be very, very welcome....

As we aim to keep things simple no formal registration is necessary, just turn up on the night, but it would be helpful to us if you could let us know on the first occasion so that we know roughly how many will be attending the venue. To contact us about this or any other matter please use the form below or email us at info@wups.info or call Ron on 01825 722066 or Phil on 01825 723142

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United Services Club
6-8 Wivelsfield Rd,
Haywards Heath
RH16 4EG

Website: www.haywardsheathsocialclub.org.uk

Email: info@wups.info