Meeting on 23rd June, and next meeting 14th July

We are delighted to report that there were 13 active strummers at our last meeting ( the largest number yet) plus one new recruit who came in to see what it was all about, and who says he will be joining in next time. Welcome David. Welcome also to Tina and Graham who joined us in a playing capacity for the first time. We also had one participating visitor who joined us whilst on holiday from the north of England. Further to that we had 3 customers from the pub who came into our room for the majority of the session to have a good-old sing song, plus three other visitors who stood in the doorway for a while to listen to our (fantastic?!) rendition of ‘Leaving on a jet plane’. All in all a very satisfying turnout.

For the first time we used our own new songbook, WUPS! EASY SONGS, and we restricted our programme to this. Happily the new format seemed to work well and the evening went with a swing. For the next meeting on 14th July we will be concentrating on this book again plus a few new songs from our second songbook which is now available for download from the Songbook section of this site and entitled WUPS! INTERMEDIATE SONGS.

It would be great if you could look through the new book and choose some songs from it that you like (and that you think that we might all be comfortable playing) and we will try to include them in the next meeting.  If you can let us know in advance by email ( so much the better, but if not please feel free to make a suggestion on the night.

We look forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday 14th July.