Next Meeting 8.00pm Monday 13th March

Hi Wupsters. Another enjoyable and well attended meeting on 27th February – in spite of us not being able to move into the main bar area as was hoped, and given that we will be in our existing area of the pub for the time being we will see if we can figure out a better seating / standing arrangement before the next meeting.

As you are aware the lighting in the area of the pub that we inhabit is not exactly ‘first class’ and so far it seems that the situation is not about to improve anytime soon. We notice that several members have purchased little clip on battery operated music stand lights, and this seems to be a useful solution. So I have just ordered some off Amazon for myself for the princely sum of £5.10 including postage – but this purchase was soundly beaten by Phil who has apparently paid a mouth watering £2.88 also from Amazon!! Worth considering?

See you all on 27th,