Next Meeting 8th August at 8.00pm at The Inn on the Green, Scaynes Hill

Hello fellow Wupsters!  Well, what another great evening yesterday – 32 members present, 27 songs played including two new ‘try outs’ House of the Rising Sun’ and ‘I have a Dream’. There was plenty of enthusiasm, and the playing and singing was infectious. So well done all those who managed to come along.

The next meeting will be on Monday 8th August, and we will play our ‘gig list’ for the Pevensey Festival to sharpen us up, as well as a selection from our books. The list we will be using is the one we used recently at the Wivelsfield Village Day. The Pevensey Festival is on 21st August, and anyone who has not yet said they would like to attend is still welcome to be included.

Finally, Graham has added no less than 5 new videos to the video section of our website since our previous July meeting, including an introduction to 12 bar blues, and how to play along with a backing track. Please take the opportunity of looking at them when you get the chance, there’s plenty of valuable information and tips expressed in Graham’s easy-to-listen-to style.

That’s all for now folks, see you on the 8th….