Next meeting Monday 11th June at 8.00pm

Hi Wupsters and potntial wupsters, the second Monday of the month approacheth and thus we all have the opportunity to meet up at the United Services Club at 8pm to make some more glorious sounds.

On this occasion we shall be using songbook 4. One song that proved a ‘challenge’ to Phil and I the other day when we were having a practice was number 16 Makin’ Whoopie’. There are one or two ‘interesting’ chords in there that are worth practising – but it is a song that is well worth playing, so why not give it a go before we meet again?

As things stand we do not have a booking for the last item in the first half, nor the first item in the second half of the meeting, which have now become the spots where a member or members perform to the rest of us. So how about it? We would like some fresh members to give it a try – from experience we can say it does give you a warm feeling of satisfaction when you have managed to do it! Please let me know if you wish to give it a try and we can reserve a spot for you. If you are previous performers and wish to book a spot please also let me know, and we can put you down as a reserve.

There is one ‘Gig’ on the horizon and that is for our old friends at St Peter and St James Hospice on Friday 15th June from 11am until noon. Those who have played there before will know that we are appreciated and that we do not usually get a large audience because of the nature of the Resident’s ailments. But the patients we don’t see are often listening in their rooms with their doors open and enjoying the music as much as those who are present. We meet in the venue at 11.45am. The Hospice is located on North Common Road (border of Wivelsfield Green and North Chailey) BN8 4ED. We will be using out Performance Songs book. Come along if you can and help to make it a happy occasion.

THat’s all for now – maybe we’ll see you on Monday?