Next WUPS! meeting 25th July at 8.00pm & Gig information

Hi Fellow Wupsters, another great meeting last night (11th July), 30 attended and even more new faces ! Welcome new members – we hope you enjoyed it.

WUPS! made an appearance at Wivelsfield Village Day last Saturday and gave a performance from the back of a (stationary) articulated lorry. The performance lasted 45 minutes and was well received by the audience. Today Wivelsfield and tomorrow Glastonbury?

We are now looking forwards to our next few gigs, those we have already in the book are :-

Pevensey Ukulele Group Festival on Sunday 21st August

Lindfield Arts Festival on Saturday 17th September 12 -1pm

Ringmer Womens Institute Christmas meeting Tuesday 6th December at 8pm (45 mins)

We are currently open to suggestions of additions to our gig list from our members who are intending to go to Pevensey Festival. Please reply via email or facebook.

Keep on strumming…..