Next WUPS! meeting is Monday 13th May

Hello Wupsters, just a reminder that our next club meeting will be on Monday 13th May at The United Services Club at 8pm. Thankfully we will be back in our normal quarters after the excursion upstairs last time whilst our usual room was being redecorated. We will be using our new ‘enlarged’ Performance Book which is available from this website. We will be playing through mainly the new additions to the performance book to make sure we’re ‘au fait’ with everything before our forthcoming gig.

So, our next gig is at Torch on Tuesday 21st May and I think that the members who have played there before will agree that it is now one of our favourite performances. We would encourage as many of you as possible to come along and enjoy the evening. Torch is a charity holiday centre for people who are suffering from sight loss, and on the week we are appearing the holiday theme is ‘music’. We are due to start a one hour performance at 7.30pm so arriving there at 7.15pm would be appropriate.

Torch is situated at :

Torch Holiday & Retreat Centre, 4 Hassocks Road. Hurstpierpoint, HASSOCKS, West Sussex BN6 9QN

That’s all for now,